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Passionate teachers, real results.

We’re not your average online college. We take a different approach to teaching – we believe it should be engaging and not dry, so we incorporate fun experiential elements using gamification concepts to make learning fun.

We believe that education should be done around your home and work commitments and not the other way around. While the majority of our programs are online, we also offer hands-on clinical experience in select courses.

We offer courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and becoming a foot care specialist, providing you with the opportunity to not only change your life but save others.

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What our students say

“It was such a wonderful time and I will always remember it. Foot care was something that I’ve been needing for the last couple of years & finally I got it. The Health Centre asked me to give an in service of what I learned.I don’t know if I can do justice in half an hour.”

Ana Lobo

Foot Health Management Student

“This is a fascinating course, full of all kinds of interesting information. There is way more information in this course than any other courses I have taken for professional development before. I love to learn and appreciate the depth of this course. I am excited to be a student and to be taught by an expert in the field of lower limb health.”

Nancy Richards

Foot Health Management Student

“I love my pin. I will wear mine with pride. I really appreciate you helping us make this a real service for home care nurses in the North. I just wish you could see the faces of the Inuit men when I do their feet. I do so love doing this. Very satisfying work for sure.”

Judith Furlong

Foot Health Management Student

“At the start of this course, I remember thinking: ” I can’t believe they didn’t teach us about foot care during the nursing diploma program. It clearly affects so many aspects of health!” Of course, shortly after this it became very clear that they couldn’t possibly have taught us about foot care without significantly extending the program, the information is too extensive. I had so many “aha” moments in this course. They range from a new understanding that foot pain and injury are a significant fall risk in seniors, how improper footwear affects the foot in serious and detrimental ways, way beyond blisters, and the amount of pressure it takes to create a wound in a high-risk foot is shockingly slight. This course broadened my horizon of nursing and brought me back from a task-oriented approach, which we can so easily fall into, to a holistic, whole client view. I am thrilled to have taken this course and look forward to providing the best possible care to clients/patients in the future.”

Carly Miller

Foot Heath Management Theory student, 2020.

Two of the LPNs I work with shared with me that they took a Foot Care course in Calgary through the VON in 2015. The course they took was 3 days long, with one of the days being a clinical day where they performed foot care on clients. Neither of these nurses used their training to practice foot care since taking their course. The course that Caritas College is providing, a 15-week comprehensive deep learning curriculum, has me feeling confident, able, and ready to take on the challenge of being a professional Foot Care Nurse. I have also appreciated the review of systemic diseases, that as an LPN, I am encountering daily with the residents I work with. I recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to be a Foot Care Nurse. The course is challenging in the best of ways and I am thoroughly enjoying the course.

Cindy Hayes


Our Courses



Learn how to create, launch and run your own private nursing practice. Through the Caritas College Entrepreneurship for Nurses program, we will provide you with wise and experienced instruction, a solid foundation and the tools you will need for starting a small business in nursing.

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With over 50 years of combined experience in clinical practice and education, we’re on a mission to ensure that every nurse receives effective professional development that is easily accessible and affordable, and ultimately improves outcomes for patients in vulnerable populations. We offer courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, and foot health management, providing you with the opportunity to not only change your life but save others. Here are just a few things that make our courses great:

  • Able to learn from anywhere – work around your schedule, on your own time within the guided study schedule

  • Increased knowledge – improve patient outcomes

  • New opportunities – ability to be self-employed or move into a completely different area of nursing


Our mission is to defend and promote the right of every individual to receive effective learning that is easily accessible and affordable, while providing opportunities for success. Our instructors facilitate learning while cultivating the needs of every student. Our administrators and staff provide an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.

To push the boundaries of online learning so students are able to realize their full potential and meaningfully improve their lives and the lives of others.

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Lower Limb health care is more than just clipping toenails and applying lotion – it can help save lives and limbs when good care is available. Download Caritas College ebook (it’s FREE) on the top 5 things every nurse should know about their role in foot health and how these skills can help transition you into opening your own private practice.