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    What our students say

    It was such a wonderful time and I will always remember it. Foot care was something that I’ve been needing for the last couple of years & finally I got it. The Health Centre asked me to give an in-service of what I learned. I don’t know if I can do justice in half an hour.

    ANA LOBO, Foot Health Management Student

    I love my pin. I will wear mine with pride. I really appreciate you helping us make this a real service for home care nurses in the North. I just wish you could see the faces of the Inuit men when I do their feet. I do so love doing this. Very satisfying work for sure.

    JUDITH FURLONG, Foot Health Management Student

    I am working on the theory and I am so excited…. I am definitely planning on attending the practicum and will have the modules done before then. My sister-in-law and I will be in this practicum session together. Looking forward to it.

    DANETTE RASMUSSEN, Foot Health Management Student