Payment Plan Options

Only For Foot Health Management

    Please ensure that you complete both the main application form as well as the payment plan form if you are applying for the payment plan. The payment plan is separate from your main application

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    Payment Option Credit cardDebit or eTransfer (Canada and US only)Certified Cheque (CAD or USD only)

    I. School tuition plan agreement (“Agreement”) is by and between:

    Creditor: Caritas College Ltd. with the mailing address of 2122 High Country Rise NW

    City of High River, Province of Alberta, Postal Code of T1V 0E1, Country of Canada,



    I agree to pay according to the payment plan given below:
    II. REPAYMENT PLAN. To satisfy the amount owed, the Debtor agrees to repay the Creditor under the following terms:
    a) Four (4) Equal payments before or by
    Payment #1: 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program
    Payment #2: Week 4 of the program
    Payment #3 Week 8 of the program
    Payment #4: Week 12 of the program
    b) Interest rate: Does not bear interest

    III. BALANCE. Amount to be paid by week 12 of the program.

    By agreeing to these terms you are contracted to pay the amount owing in the increments as stated, by the dates as stated. If any payment is not made by the due date, access to the remainder of the program will be denied and the Debtor will not qualify for course/program completion.